Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Great Trees!!

The weather has been fabulous lately and after the winter we just had, we deserve it!  If you're like us we've started cleaning up the gardens and are taking note of things we'd like to change or plants we'd like to add... this is a perfect time to plant a Great Tree ! 

We have a wonderful selection of trees that go above and beyond what you'd find in a regular retail nursery... gorgeous 2.5" caliper Tulip Poplars, 2-3" caliper Trident Maples... over 20 hardwoods selected for their beautiful form, hardiness and ability to last for generations.

If an ornamental or flowering tree is what you're after we've got a great selection of modestly priced container trees including disease-resistant Dogwoods, Flowering Cherries and a new cultivar of Redbud, 'Oklahoma'.

Call us today at 540.432.0788 and we'd happy to meet with you and help you select just the right Great Tree for your home or office.

Monday, March 1, 2010

The snow is melting...

Little by little you can start to see bits and pieces of the garden and grass below, as the melting snow gives way to what will most certainly be a glorious spring. For many of us though the recent heavy snows have resulted in broken tree limbs, damaged boxwoods and torn up clods of turf...

It is important to prune damaged plant materials carefully and correctly though to not only minimize the unsightly appearance of snow damage, but also to insure the future health and vigor of the plants and trees. Most plants will also benefit from an added boost this spring so its a good time to fertilize with an all-purpose fertilizer like Holly-Tone or Plant-Tone to help them recover from the stress of the winter season.

We'd be happy to help or if you're a do-it-yourselfer gardener and just have a few questions post them here and we'll repsond!

Think spring... its right around the corner!!