Thursday, February 25, 2010

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Did you know that the first inch of rainwater flushes the majority of pollutants from the area around your home directly into local waterways such as creeks, ponds, and rivers that eventually lead to the Chesapeake Bay?

A Rain Garden is a simple and aesthetically pleasing approach to catching and absorbing rainwater and purifying it before it heads to local waterways. A rain garden can be as simple as a shallow, grassy swale, or a depression in the ground filled with vegetation tolerant of excessive water.

In 2004, the Congressional Research Service reported that 50% of water pollution issues in the United States are attributed to storm water runoff. The EPA has also discovered that 70% of pollution in local waterways is carried there by rainwater during a storm. The damage caused by storm water runoff is largely incremental, and the best solution to storm water runoff is to address the problem where it falls. A rain garden is a simple and beneficial solution to this ongoing issue.

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