Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Some Big Changes Are On The Way...

We've been busy this summer, working on some exciting new projects for the fall.... but for now its a secret!

Stay tuned for the news but for now, enjoy the last of this beautiful summer...  you can feel autumn in the air on these crisp mornings already so it won't be long now.



  1. After nearly 10 years we are still enjoying the garden layout Andre did for us when we were building our dream home. Even our teenage son commented about how cool it is to have grass that "isn't in blocks", but flows like a river through the yard. The paths under the trees have seen a lot of foot traffic, and the labyrinth in the back yard has too. THANKS!
    -The Alley Family, Lakewood Estates

  2. Those pruners would do a great job in the vineyard, but you all do a much better job on the house and yard then we can.